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  1. 2 (4 Oz.) Chicken Breasts Halves, Boned and Skinned 1/8 ts Salt 10 Snow Peas Trimmed 1/2 c Red Bell Pepper Strips 2 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs 1 tb 1 t. Lemon Juice 2 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs (Opt)

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  1. Cut Two 12 Inch Square Pieces Of Parchment. Fold in Half, Creasingfirmly. Trim Each Into A Heart Shape; Lightly Coat One Side Of Each Piece With Cooking Spray. Place A Chicken Breast Half On One Half Of A Parchment Heart Near Crease. Sprinkle With Salt. Arange Half Of Peas, Bell Pepper and Rosemary Over Chicken. Sprinkle With Half Of Lemon Juice. Fold Over Remaining Half Of Heart. Starting With Rounded Edge Of Heart, Pleat and Crimp Edges Together To Seal. Twist End Tightly To Seal. Repeat Procedure. Place Bags On A Microwave Safe Dish. Microwave At High 5 To 6 Min. To Serve Cut Open Tops Of Parchment. Discard Rosemary Sprigs. Garnish With Fresh Sprigs If Desired. (Fat 4.3, Chol.

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