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  1. 1 ea large eggplant

  2. 1 ea onion

  3. 2 ea tomatoes

  4. 2 ea garlic cloves

  5. 2 tb vinegar

  6. 2 tb vegetable oil salt pepper fresh parsley

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  1. Method : Pierce an eggplant with a fork in several places, put on a baking sheet and bake, about an hour, turning while baking, until soft. Cool down. Cut the eggplant, lengthwise, in two halves. Scoop out the pulp and chop until very fine. Chop onion very finely, peel tomatoes and chop, mince garlic cloves. Mix onion, tomatoes and pulp, garlic, oil, vinegar. Stir thoroughly and season on your taste. Cover and refrigerate for several hours. Baklazhanovaya Ikra is served with chopped parsley.


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