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  1. 4 pounds ground beef 85% or higher -

  2. 16 ounces sour cream -

  3. 2 small cans green chilies -

  4. 16 ounces can green chili sauce -

  5. 1 can cream of chicken soup -

  6. 1 bag flour tortillas -

  7. 1 large brick Monterey cheese

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  1. Cook ground beef; mix with sour cream, green chilies, green chili sauce and cream of chicken soup. In a baking dish or crock pot start layering all ingredients. Start with tortillas, then meat layer, then cheese layer. You will want to finish off the layering with a cheese layer. Bake on medium heat until cheese on top has melted. This is a good recipe to make a day ahead for a quick meal.


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