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  1. 1/2md Onion,grated

  2. 1 Clove garlic,crushed

  3. 1 Tablespoon,cooking oil

  4. 8 oz Can tomato sauce

  5. 2 Cooked chicken breasts,shredded

  6. 4 oz Can green chiles

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  1. + Directions : "The World of Mexican Cooking" by Mary Margaret Curry, Galahad Books 197 1. New York City. Packed full of South Texas Recipes the way I eat them. Feel like chicken tonight?! Tortillas Sour Cream-you found it! Saute onion and garlic in cooking oil until onion is clear. Add tomato sauce and simmer a few minutes. Set aside. Prepare tortillas-two per serving-as you do for soft tacos. On tortilla place pieces of shredded chicken breast and some cut up green chiles. Roll up and place folded side down on serving plate. Spoon hot tomato sauce over enchiladas and top with sour cream. BONUS||BONUS||BONUS||BONUS Soft tortilla | Preparation In a small frying pan, immerse tortilla in one-half inch of hot (but not smoking) cooking oil for about thirty seconds, turning once and then immediately removing to plate with food turner. Tortilla must not get crisp but must remain pliable so that it can be easily rolled up.


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