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  1. Clam juice - 8

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  1. Recipe Instructions Heat the garlic very gently in the oil to a golden brown. Add the clam juice, the lemon juice, the wine, oregano, and heat thoroughly about 20 minutes; keep hot. In the mean time, cook the pasta al dente. A moment before you drain your pasta, add the basil and the clams to the hot clam mixture. (If you add the clams sooner they will get tough). Drain the pasta and put it in a hot serving bowl, along with half the liquid, then make individual servings. Now ladle a generous heaping of the clam filled sauce on the individual servings so they won't be searching for the clams. From the book by Dom DeLuise "Eat This... It'll Make You Feel Better!", p.

  2. 1.5945 DELUISE.


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