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  1. 2 package(s) white or yellow corn tortillas

  2. 6 can(s) cream corn

  3. 3 bunch(es) fresh spinach , frozen spinach is fine, as well

  4. 3 medium onions , pick your favorite

  5. 2 jar(s) salsa , pick your favorite

  6. 3 medium yellow, green, red, or yellow peppers , combined makes a lovely color 3 tablespoon(s) minced garlic , chopped is fine and optional

  7. ground cumin , season to taste

  8. 1 package(s) cheddar cheese , any cheese is fine

  9. 1 package(s) mozzarella cheese , any cheese is fine

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  1. combine cream corn, salsa, garlic, and cumin in large pot. Put aside.chop onions and peppers, saute to a decent tender state, 5 minutes on a low medium heat.Chop up spinach and combine to sauted veggies. Season with salt and pepper if desired, or add more cumin if desired. Cumin adds the chili flavor, so it may soothe taste buds.Heat cream corn mixture to a good warm level. Doesn't have to boil.Grease 2 9x12 pans to fit 40 enchiladas. Pam is good.Okay, dip your tortillas into the corn mixture. If necessary, you can add a little water to the mixture. Fill each tortilla with spinach mixture and how ever much cheddar cheese you like. Roll up into a spinada, just like an enchilada. Repeat until you're done. Top the spinadas with the remaining corn mixture. There should be a lot leftover, but trust me, it's yummy. Anyway, top that with mozzarella, as much as desired. Cook at 350 for 25 minutes. Cover with foil, otherwise cheese will brown.


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