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  2. Title: EGG CASSEROLE**(WBHJ41A)

  3. Categories: Brunch, Casserole, Dairy

  4. Yield: 6 servings

  5. 12 ea Eggs

  6. 1 lb Sausage

  7. 1 cn Cream Style Corn

  8. I was hoping someone would ask. This recipe came from

  9. an enclave of Order of the Arrow Scouts here in Tenn.

  10. Crumble and brown the sausage. Add cream style corn.

  11. Add the dozen eggs. Stir this into bottom of the dutch

  12. 12 inch oven place about 8 briquets on the

  13. 14 on top. Cook about 30 minutes. This is

  14. great for camping trips. You can bake your biscuits

  15. while the eggs are cooking and have it all come out

  16. together. Let's have a recipe from you now, Arlene.

  17. ...Bill in Tennessee FROM: BILL ARNOLD (WBHJ41A) --


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