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  1. 1 pound fresh codfish

  2. 4 medium sized sweet potatoes Salt Pepper Butter Juice of

  3. 1 lemon

  4. 1 cup cream or milk Bread crumbs

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  1. Instructions Boil the codfish, drain it and keep it warm. Pare the sweet potatoes, cook them in salted water or steam them and let them dry, then mash and add a pinch of pepper, about two tablespoons of butter or butter substitute, the juice of half a lemon, and one cup of cream or milk. Skin the fish and remove the bones. Pound it rather fine; add a tablespoon of butter and the juice of half a lemon. Mix the hot mashed potatoes with this. Add more milk or cream, so as to make a rough dough. Grease a baking dish, and put the dough into it. Cover the top with bread crumbs and melted butter. Put small dots of butter here and there on the top and bake in the oven for twenty minutes. Serve in the dish in which it was cooked.


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