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  1. 1. Condensed milk - 1tin

  2. Milk - 1litre

  3. Butter - 1tsp

  4. Sugar - 4dsp

  5. 2. Milk - 1/2cup

  6. Refined flour - 1dsp

  7. Cocoa powder - 1tsp

  8. 3. Vanilla essence - 2drops

  9. 4. Sugar - 2dsp

  10. Butter - 1/4tsp

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  1. Boil the 1st ingredients together in a thick bottom vessel and stir continuously. Dissolve refined flour, cocoa powder and vanilla essence in 1/2cup milk and sieve. When the condensed milk becomes thick, add the milk-flour solution into it. Stir continuously and remove from heat after some time.

  2. Apply oil in a flat vessel and pour the prepared content into it. Make the batter even, using a spoon.

  3. Heat 2dsp of sugar in a thick bottom pan. When the sugar melts to a light brown syrup, mix the butter and instantly remove the pan to a vessel filled with boiled water. Pour this syrup evenly over the prepared sweet with a spoon. When it cools, cut into desired shapes and serve. Decorate the sweet with cherries


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