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  1. for Chop Suey Recipe 2

  2. 1- 1/2 pounds round of beef or lean fresh pork

  3. 1- 1/2 tablespoons Argo or Kingsford's Cornstarch

  4. 2 cups coarsely diced celery

  5. 3 medium sized onions, sliced

  6. 1 tablespoon corn syrup

  7. 5 tablespoons corn oil

  8. 1 pint bean sprouts, optional (these may be purchased canned)

  9. Salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste

  10. Boiled rice

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  1. Cut the meat in small cubes, dust with salt, pepper and the cornstarch and brown in the corn oil.

  2. Add the celery, onions, bean sprouts and corn syrup and simmer a few minutes.

  3. Half cover with boiling water and simmer until the meat is tender, about an hour.

  4. Season to taste with the Worcestershire sauce.

  5. Serve with the boiled rice which has been pressed into custard cups to shape, then turned out.

  6. Soy sauce may be used instead of the Worcestershire.


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