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  1. 30 frozen fully cooked Italian meatballs (1/2 ounce each ) , thawed

  2. 2 medium zucchini, cut into 1/2-inch slices

  3. 2 medium yellow summer squash, cut into 1/2-inch slices

  4. 12 cherry tomatoes

  5. 12 pearl onions

  6. 1 cup barbecue sauce Hot cooked rice

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  1. On metal or soaked wooden skewers, alternate meatballs, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes and onions. Grill, uncovered, over medium heat for 6 minutes, turning once. Baste with barbecue sauce. Grill 8-10 minutes longer or until meatballs are heated through and vegetables are tender, turning and basting frequently. Serve over rice. Yield: 6 servings.


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