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  1. Lemon Cheesecake

  2. 1 packet Tennis biscuits

  3. 100g melted butter

  4. 3 lemons

  5. Rind of the 3 lemons

  6. Juice of the 3 lemons

  7. 1 tin chilled condensed milk

  8. 175ml sugar

  9. gelatine

  10. 1 packet lemon jelly

  11. 250ml hot, boiled water

  12. 1 tub cottage cheese

  13. Crush the Tennis biscuits. Mix in the melted butter. Blend well.

  14. Place into a pie dish and flatten into the base with the back of

  15. a tablespoon. Place into the fridge. By using a blender / mixer,

  16. stir up the condensed milk until thick. Add the cottage cheese.

  17. Blend some more! Add the lemon juice & rind. Blend a little more.

  18. Mix the lemon jelly & hot water in a separate bowl. Once the jelly

  19. has been dissolved and stirred well, add to the mixture. Blend a

  20. little bit more. By now you should have a thick, yellow mixture.

  21. Pour slowly over another tablespoon into the biscuit base. Place

  22. into the fridge to set for a few hours. After a few hours remove

  23. from the fridge and serve. Garnish it with cream / fruit slices,

  24. if desired.


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