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  1. 2 Egg yolks

  2. 1/4 ts Allspice

  3. 3 c Sugar

  4. 1/4 ts Pepper

  5. 2 c Flour

  6. 3 tb Cut citron

  7. 1 1/2 ts Ginger

  8. 2 ts Lemon rind

  9. 1/4 ts Cardamom

  10. 1/4 c Chopped almonds

  11. 1 1/4 ts Cinnamon

  12. 2 Egg whites (beaten)

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  1. At Christmas time for sugar and spice these pfeffernusse are extra nice: try them once and you'll be delighted And so will the guests whom you've invited. Here's how it's done by the German folks: add half of the sugar to the beaten yolks, combine the mixture with flour and spices But keep it away from ratses and mices. The rest of the sugar and egg whites you take, with fruits and nuts a blend you make. To ripen it now you store it away And bake 18 minutes, the very next day. Sugar while warm and you can be sure they'll tempt the taste of an epicure.FROM: DOLORES MCCANN (BSWN00A) --


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