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  1. 1.60, (for the "four" of us) and at check time, two of us girls didn't have quite enough money to pay. So one of the waitresses/cashiers told us we had to stay and "wash dishes!" We did everything we could to get out of the duty, but were finally convinced by the waitress, "The Bill MUST be PAID-IN-FULL" before we could leave. So, although we'd be late getting home, we agreed, and were ushered back to the kitchen and fitted with big, white aprons! So, "a dish-washin' we went!" A couple of minutes went by, and ALL of the waitress began laughing at us, saying, "Y'all don't really have to do dishes! We were just playin' around!" We couldn't get those aprons off FAST ENOUGH! For a pre-teen, it was one of those memorable, "embarrassing moments," and I (for ONE) NEVER ordered more from the town, Soda Fountain than I could "pay for" again!

  2. 16-ounce Glass

  3. 10 Ounces-Coca-Cola® (The "REAL THING!") PREPARATION: DROP Ice Cream into the Glass and POUR IN the Coca-Cola®, and... ENJOY!


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