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  1. 6 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons spicy Cajun seasoning, divided

  2. 2 cups seasoned bread crumbs

  3. 1 pound chicken tenderloins

  4. 1 cup vegetable oil

  5. 2 cup milk

  6. 4 ounces butter

  7. 1 jar Dijon mustard

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  1. Add the Cajun seasonings to the bread crumbs and toss the chicken tenders in the mix to coat well. Heat the oil until bread crumbs fry when sprinkled in. Fry the chicken until golden brown, about 1 minute.

  2. Bring the milk and the butter to a rapid boil, whisk in the mustard and heat. Add the chicken to the sauce and warm through, sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of Cajun seasoning and serve.


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