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  1. 4 cups cooked risotto (leftover risotto works perfectly for this dish!)

  2. 4 oz herbed goat cheese

  3. 2 eggs, whisked.

  4. 1 cup flour

  5. 2 cups herbed bread crumbs

  6. 2 cups vegetable oil Buitoni marinara

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  1. Combine the cooked risotto with the 4oz of herbed goat cheese. Make into hamburger sized patties. Prepare a large pan with the vegetable and heat to medium high heat. While the vegetable oil is heating, prepare 3 seperate bowls. One with the flour, one with the herbed breadcrumbs, and one with the whisked eggs. Dip the risotto patties into the flour first, then the whisked eggs, then into the breadcrumbs. Make sure the entire patty is covered completely in the breadcrumbs. Pan fry the risotto cakes in the vegetable oil until crispy brown. Serve with the warm marinara sauce, and enjoy!


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