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  1. 1 large shallot, minced

  2. 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

  3. 1 teaspoon salt Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

  4. 2 tablespoons olive oil

  5. 2 cups broccoli slaw (with red cabbage and carrot)

  6. 2 small fennel bulbs, halved lengthwise, cored, and very thinly sliced

  7. 2 cups Fuji or Gala apple, cored and chopped

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  1. Whisk shallot, vinegar, salt and pepper in a large non-reactive bowl. While whisking, add oil by pouring in a thin stream down the side of the bowl. Whisk until all oil is incorporated. Taste and adjust seasoning as desired. Add slaw, fennel and apple slices to vinaigrette and toss to coat. Taste again and adjust seasoning if desired.


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