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  1. 1 1/4 c sugar

  2. 2 tb flour

  3. 1/8 ts salt

  4. 1/2 c water

  5. 1/4 c melted butter or margarine

  6. 3 eggs

  7. 1 ts grated lemon peel

  8. 1 lemon; peeled and sliced -thin

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  1. In small mixing bowl, combine all filling ingredients except peeled lemon slices. Mix until well blended. Stir in lemon slices. Pour into pastry lined 8" pie pan. Roll out remaining dough. Cut slits for steam to escape; moisten rim of bottom crust. Place top crust over filling. Fold edge under bottom crust, pressing to seal. Flute edge. Bake at 400(deg) for 30-35 min. until golden brown Chill before serving. Debbie in OK Formatted by Sarah G.


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