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  1. 1 jar milk whole jalapeños

  2. 12 oz grated cheddar or mexican cotija cheese

  3. 1 lbs Owens sausage

  4. 10 canned biscuit s

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  1. Remove and discard pepper stems. Slit peppers lengthwise and rinse. Stuff with cheese. Pat sausage into thin patties and wrap around stuffed peppers. Laying seam side down, bake at 450° until sausage is cooked. Drain grease, set aside.

  2. Roll out each biscuit. Place sausage pepper at one end of biscuit and roll up. Seal any seams as best you can. Place seam side down on greased or parchment cookie sheet and bake at 450° until biscuits are done.


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