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  1. 2cups flour;

  2. 5tbs.unsalted cold butter cubed;pinch salt;

  3. 2tbs.sugar,

  4. 6or 7tbsp.cold water meat filling:

  5. 1 lb.ground hamburg,

  6. 1 lb.ground pork,

  7. 1 veal or turkey ground

  8. 1 envelop onion soup mix

  9. 1 tbs.nutmeg,

  10. 1tbs.poultry seasoning,

  11. 1tbs.cinamon

  12. 2 potatoes shredded

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  1. mix ingredients of pie crust and put in fridge with plastic wrap.In large pan cook meats together till fully browned on medium heat.drain half grease,add potatoes,seasonings,onion soupmix,,stir cook till potatoes are tender , roll out crust in two parts; put one crust on bottom of 8 or 9" pie pan add meat mixture, cooled slightly or cooked day ahead on bottom crust,add other crust on top.Bake in 350degrees oven for 30 to 45minutes till golden 10minutes.enjoy:}I make double batches for my family because they love to bring some home also.


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