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  3. Categories: Flowers, Candies, Holiday, Info/tips

  4. Yield: 1 servings

  5. 1 tb Powdered gum arabic

  6. 1 tb Rose water

  7. Violet blooms

  8. Superfine sugar

  9. NOTE: Both gum arabic and rose water are available

  10. from drugstores or cake decorating supply stores.

  11. Dissolve the gum arabic in the rose water and leave

  12. until the solution becomes a paste. Using a small

  13. brush, paint each violet all over with the solution,

  14. then dip the flowers in superfine sugar. Leave to dry

  15. on a wire rack in a warm place. Store the petals in

  16. an airtight container, and use them on desserts as an

  17. edible garnish.

  18. Source: The Magic of Herbs, by Jane NewdickTyped

  19. for you by Karen Mintzias --


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