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  3. Categories: Breads

  4. Yield: 2 Dozen

  5. 1.00 c Emeril's sourdough starter

  6. 3.00 c Bottled water

  7. 4 1/20 c Flour

  8. 2 1/20 c Stone ground rye flour

  9. 2.00 tb Coarse salt

  10. 2.00 c Dried currants

  11. Corn meal

  12. In a large mixing bowl stir together starter and water. Mix in half

  13. of the white flour and half of the rye, one cup at a time, and salt.

  14. Stir in currants, remaining rye flour and enough of the white flour

  15. to make a stiff dough. When dough is too stiff to stir, turn out on

  16. to work surface. Knead until it comes together in a mass, about 8

  17. mins; dough will still be slightly sticky. Transfer to a clean mixing

  18. bowl, cover and set aside until double in size. Turn out dough on

  19. lightly-floured surface and punch down with floured hands. Knead

  20. briefly and divide in two. Roll each half into a log about 3 inches

  21. in diameter; cut each into 12 rolls. Using palm of hand roll each piece of dough into a small, tight round roll. Place rolls, about 2

  22. inches apart, on a cornmeal dusted baking sheet. Cover and set aside

  23. to rise, until barely doubled. Preheat oven to 450

  24. Bake for 30

  25. mins. For crusty rolls, spray walls of oven with water with a plant

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