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  1. 1 bag(s) Spring Mix salad

  2. 1 jar(s) Trader Joes Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce

  3. 1 bag(s) sourdough english muffins

  4. 1 box(es) Trader Joes mahi mahi patties

  5. 2 package(s) sliced smoked salmon

  6. 1 white onion

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  1. So simple just cook the patties according to the directions on the packaging and throw some slice onions in the pan along with it. While the patties are cooking I would toast the english muffins as well. When everything is done just spread the sauce on the muffins, put some salad mix on top, patty on top of that, onions on the patty, then as much on the smoked salmon as you want and thats it:)


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