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  1. 1 pound salt cod

  2. 1 pound salt pork

  3. 6 (or so) large baking potatoes

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  1. Preparation : Soak 1 lb salt cod in cold water, changing water once (when done the cod should still taste somewhat of salt). Remove bones or skin before cooking. Cook 6 baking potatos till ready to mash (but don't), peel potatoes, chop. Dice a lb of Salt Pork and render it until the solid bits are crunchy. Put Salt Cod on to boil, just, then drain. When done serve mixed Salt Cod and potatoes (chopped) and sprinkle with Salt Pork oil and (liberaly) with the crunchy bits. All should be hot when served. Salt is key to this dish. There is salt in two of the ingredients going in and the dish is supposed to be slightly salty. Proper soaking of the fish will govern the degree of saltiness of the meal. The Salt Pork fat will lubricate the food (but don't get carried away) as otherwise it's very d


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