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  1. Hamburger bun or egg roll for face

  2. Sliced pimiento-stuffed olives for eyes

  3. Sliced ham for tongue

  4. Mustard

  5. Cheese

  6. Mayonnaise

  7. Butter

  8. Lettuce

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  1. First, cut the hamburger bun or egg roll in half. Place sliced ham, lettuce and cheese in the center of each roll. You should leave a long portion of ham exposed, so that it appears as a tongue. Then, put olive slices at the position of the eyes. If you wish, you can also add mayonnaise, butter or mustard to the sandwich. A funny, ham-face sandwich is ready!

  2. Strawberry Lemonade Ingredients 1 cup cold water 1 liter bottle of lemonade or pink lemonade 1 cup strawberries, halved Handful of strawberries to decorate Preparation Blend strawberries and water in a blender, until a smooth paste is obtained. Filter the juice in order to remove small bits. Pour the juice into a big jug and then add lemonade. Stir to mix well. Add sliced strawberries on the top of the juice.

  3. Mini Cheese Burger Ingredients 6 slices of thick bread 1/3 cup grated cheese 1 tsp tomato paste 60g melted butter 250g minced beef ½ tsp French mustard 1 small onion, chopped finely ½ tsp tomato sauce ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce Preparation Cut four rounds each of about 4.5cm from each bread slice. Apply melted butter over them and bake uncovered for about 15 minutes in a moderate oven, till it becomes crispy. In a mixing bowl, combine together minced beef, chopped onions, French mustard, tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Shape the mixture into small patties and cook them in the fry pan, until it becomes brown on both the sides. Spread a little tomato paste onto the bread rounds and place burger mixture and grated cheese on the top. Just before serving, grill the burger, until the cheese is melted.

  4. With these food ideas, you can provide delicious as well as nutritious foods that will help make the party truly memorable for the kids.

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