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  1. Angel food cake mix 1 Cup (16 tbs)

  2. Cold water 2 34 Cup (44 tbs)

  3. Fresh strawberries 1 Pound

  4. Sugar cane 14 Cup (4 tbs)

  5. Honey 1 Tablespoon

  6. Whipped topping 1 Tablespoon

  7. Chocolate syrup 1 Tablespoon

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  1. Directions Preheat oven to 350° according to the directions on the cake mix. Remove the middle rack from the oven leaving in the lowest oven rack. The cake rises quite a bit so you don't want the cake to touch the burner elements.

  2. Mix the cake batter by placing the mix in a large glass mixing bowl. I used an 8 cup measuring cup. Add 1 1/4 cup Cold water. Mix with the electric mixer for 1-2 minutes. The batter will rise nearly to the top of the bowl.

  3. Pour cake batter into an ungreased Angel Food Cake Pan. Spread evenly and shake to settle. Place in the oven on the lowest rake and bake for approximately 40 mins. Check the box for timing.

  4. mins was good for me.

  5. While the cake is baking, wash and prepare strawberries. Cut off the stems - you know that green part. Then, slice the strawberries either lengthwise or into rounds. Doesn't matter. Place in a glass bowl. Pour 1/4 cup cane sugar and stir. Drizzle on about 2 teaspoons honey. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate while the cake is baking and then cooling. The sugar, honey and strawberries will mix to create a flavorful juice.

  6. Once the cake is done, immediately remove from the oven and place the empty glass bottle in the middle of the pan and turn the cake up-side down balancing on the bottle. I do not know the reasoning behind this - just following directions.

  7. The cake cools in about an hour. Remove the bottle. Using the long serated knife, insert into the edge of the cake and saw around the edges going all the way around. This loosens the cake from the pan.

  8. Over a cake plate, turn the pan up-side down again and shake out the cake. If it doesn't easliy come out, take the knife or a spatula and loosen it from the pan. It should shake right out.

  9. To cut the cake, gently saw back and forth. You don't want to just cut in a downward motion because it will squish your fluffy cake. Place a hearty piece on a plate. Top with fresh sliced strawberries and juice. Drizzle on the chocolate syrup and top with whipping top.

  10. And cher - that is some good Strawberry Shortcake. And it is so easy - you got to try it.

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