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  1. Basmati rice 2 cups.

  2. Paneer 2 cups (cut in small cubes).

  3. Green pepper(capsicum) 1 (chopped).

  4. Onion 1 large (chopped).

  5. Peas 1/2 cup.

  6. Aginomotto a pinch.

  7. Spring onion 1 bunch (chopped).

  8. Black pepper 1 tsp.

  9. Ghee (melted butter) 2 tbsp

  10. Salt to taste.

  11. Oil

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  1. Soak The Basmati Rice in water for half an hour before cooking.

  2. Wash and drain the rice.

  3. Boil the rice with a tea spoon of oil and salt and keep it aside.

  4. Heat the pan with ghee and add chopped onion , fry until it becomes golden brown, add chopped capsicum, peas saute for 3 min.

  5. Add paneer, aginomotto, black pepper and fry for 1 min, add boiled rice and mix well.

  6. Garnish with the chopped spring onion or cashews etc.


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