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  1. Just got done with a chili cook-off at the Eiteljorg

  2. Museum here in Indy. My chili included (but was not limited to): 1/4 lb

  3. 1/8 lb smoked hab,

  4. 1/2 lb fresh habs,

  5. 1/4 lb of

  6. Tepins & Serranos & Piquins, 1 bottle of Ralphs', and one ENTIRE bottle

  7. of Backdraft. All this for about 3 gallons of chili. I had the proper

  8. warning signs up, including serving the chili up in full firefighting

  9. gear and breathing apparatus. The best reactions were always those that

  10. were preceeded by the declaration "I'm from Texas/Arizona, boy- you

  11. don't know what hot is. Now back there they have REAL hot chili. Let's

  12. try this stuff of yours that you think is hot." It's less than three

  13. seconds later & they were usually

  14. crying/dancing/whooping/hollering/cussing/quaffing prodigiously and muttering. All this while I'd horse laugh them, which made it even

  15. worse ;-) I only wish I'd had some bread to serve it to them on...


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