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  1. 8 ounces Cabbage, chopped fine

  2. 1 teaspoon Salt

  3. 1 cup Water

  4. 2 ounces Garlic chives or Scallions, green part,

  5. Minced 8 ounces Pork loin, not too lean,

  6. Chopped fine or ground coarse teaspoon Salt

  7. teaspoon MSG

  8. 3 tablespoons Sesame oil

  9. teaspoon Pepper, ground fine

  10. 1 tablespoon Ginger root, minced

  11. Dumplings:

  12. 3 cups Flour

  13. cup Water, ice-cold

  14. Flour to prevent sticking

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  1. Sprinkle cabbage with salt. Let stand 15 min. Drain. Add 1 c water and squeeze dry, discarding liquid. Add chives and pork. Mix all together with seasoning ingredients.

  2. Knead flour and water together until it is a smooth dough. Let rest 10 min. Roll out into a long cylinder and divide into 48 or 50 pieces. Roll out each piece into a 2" circle.

  3. Put ⅓ oz filling (appx) in each circle. Fold circles over and seal with water, pleating one side artistically as you go (optional!). If you pleat, you will get one crinkled side and one straight side, and the dumplings will pull into a slightly curved or crescent shape; otherwise you will have straight, flat, boring-looking dumplings that still taste fine.

  4. Cooking procedure 1:

  5. Boil 12 c water. Lower heat to low. Cook dumplings for 4 min, covered, stirring occasionally. This produces a standard restaurant dumpling.

  6. Cooking procedure 2:

  7. Boil 10 c water. Add ⅓ the dumplings and stir. Cover and let water return to a boil. Add ½ c icy cold water. Stir. Cover again and let water return to a boil. Add another ½ c icy cold water. Stir. Cover a third time and let water return to a boil. Remove dumplings immediately and drain them. Repeat the entire procedure until dumplings are done. This is said to produce a more delicate dumpling, but I don't recall ever having tried it myself.

  8. Sauce 1:

  9. c soy sauce ½ c broth (cooking water will do!) 1 t white vinegar or cider vinegar ½ t sesame oil ¼ t sugar 1 t scallion, chopped, including green part Sauce 2:

  10. c soy sauce ½ c broth ½ t sesame oil ¼ t hot pepper oil or ¼ t red pepper flakes Sauce 3, I am not kidding: 1 c A-1 sauce ½ c broth From: Michael Loo refined from Wei-chuan cook book Chinese Snacks


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