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  1. 3 Ripe, but firm, avocados

  2. 1 qt Water

  3. 1 lemon The breast and thigh meat -from a whole roasted -duckling

  4. 6 md Oranges, peeled and -segmented Lettuce leaves 1/4 c Chopped pecans or toasted

  5. -sliced almonds 6 tb Mayonnaise

  6. 2 tb Frozen undiluted orange

  7. -juice, defrosted Parsley sprigs Orange wedges 1. Peel the avocados, cut them in half, and immediately dip them in

  8. the water with the lemon juice added to keep them from discoloring. 2. Be sure the duck meat is skinless and boneless. Cut it into bite-sized pieces. 3. Mix the duck meat with the orange segments. Divide into six

  9. portions. Fill the avocado halves, which have been placed on a platter lined with crisp lettuce leaves, with the portions of meat and oranges. 4. Mix the concentrated juice with the mayonnaise and spoon this

  10. 1 tbs. soy sauce into the

  11. 6 tbs. mayonnaise, replacing the orange with canned tangerine segments, and grinding some roasted sesame seeds over the dish. (The sesame seeds are available in very bandy little plastic throw-away grinders in grocery stores carrying oriental foods.) When using the canned tangerine segments, you can greatly improve the taste by pouring off the canned syrup, rinsing the segments quickly in cold water, then transferring them to a plastic container. Squeeze the juice of

  12. 1 lemon over them and, if you like, add

  13. 1 or 2 tbs. brandy and enough water to cover. Chill in the refrigerator overnight. Makes

  14. 6 servings. From "The Chef's Secret Cookbook", Louis Szathmary, Quadrangle Books, Chicago.

  15. 1972. Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; March


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