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  1. 20-Sheets Filo Dough

  2. 20-Nilla® Wafers (Crushed for a Crust)

  3. 1/2-Stick Butter (Softened--for Wafers/Crust mixture)

  4. 1/2-Stick Butter (Melted) COOK'S NOTE: Instead of the "Melted Butter," I like to use a "spray"/mist-type of Butter for working with the Filo. It's so much EASIER and excludes any "tears" in the Crusting process!

  5. 1-Box Jell-O® (2-Cup measure-size) Instant "Butterscotch" Pudding

  6. 2-Cups Milk (For the Pudding mix)

  7. 2-Cups Evaporated Milk (For the Custard mixture)

  8. 1/3-Cup Sugar (Granulated)

  9. 1/3-Cup Flour (All-Purpose)

  10. 2-Eggs (Beaten)

  11. 1-Tsp. Vanilla Extract

  12. 1-Tsp. Maple Extract

  13. 1-Tsp. Butter Rum Extract


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