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  1. 1 tomato - seeded and rough chopped -

  2. 8 large ears of sweet corn - shucked and kernels cut from cob -

  3. 1 yellow onion - diced small -

  4. 2 red gypsy or red bell peppers - diced small -

  5. 3 cloves garlic - minced -

  6. 1 stalk celery - diced small -

  7. 1 cup crab broth or chicken broth -

  8. 1 cup sweetened condensed milk - salt - cayenne pepper fresh ground pepper -

  9. 4 tablespoons butter - chilled -

  10. 1/4 pound crab claw meat -

  11. 2 tablespoons chives - chopped

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  1. Heat 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over medium heat in a large sauté pan. Add diced onions, and cook, stirring constantly, until translucent but not brown. Add peppers, garlic, and celery and cook for an additional 3-5 minutes until tender. Add tomatoes. Add the sweet corn that has been cut off the cob. Add crab or chicken broth. Cook until the liquid has been reduced in half. Add the sweetened condensed milk. Season with salt, fresh ground black pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. Add the chilled butter to the corn mixture one tablespoon at a time. Stir until melted, then add more. Add crab claw meat and chives and mix together. Remove from heat and keep warm until ready to serve.


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