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  1. 4-5 1 2 1/2 liters

  2. 1 inch 30 ml 12 15 ml 1/4 teaspoon Individual dips

  3. 15 ml 15 ml 15 ml Large chicken, either corn-fed or free-range Water Sliced peeled root ginger, about 5 mm thick Nuoc Mam sauce or light soy sauce Dried black Chinese mushrooms Dry sherry Salt Light soy sauce Sesame seed oil Nuoc Mam sauce

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  1. : Tear off the fat from the chicken cavity and discard. Cut off the parson's nose and rinse the chicken in cold water. Bring a large pot of water to the boil over high heat and plunge in the chicken. When the water comes to the boil again, let the chicken cook for 1 minute to firm the skin. Remove it and rinse it briefly with running warm water to get rid of any scum. Bring the measured amount of water to the boil with the ginger slices and Nuoc Mam sauce in a deep pot into which the chicken will fit snugly. Add the chicken and, when the water boils again, turn the heat down to a simmer. Cover and simmer for 1 1/2 hours, turning the chicken from time to time to ensure that it cooks evenly. In the meantime, soak the black mushrooms in some warm water for about 20 minutes. Squeeze them dry and rinse in cold water, repeating this a couple of times. Cut off and discard the stems and add the mushrooms to the soup about 30- minutes into the cooking time. Add the sherry when the chicken is cooked and season with salt to taste. Serve the chicken whole in the soup and dips in individual saucers. Guests tear off pieces of the meat with a fork or chopsticks and put it in their bowls with a little broth and mushrooms. Leftover chicken can be used for a variety of dishes.


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