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  1. 2-3 pounds of 1 inch lamb cubes, from leg, shoulder or breast.

  2. Canola oil

  3. 1 quart chicken stock

  4. Tomato paste

  5. Flour

  6. Thyme , fresh, 1/2 bunch

  7. Bay leaf

  8. Garlic , one clove, chopped

  9. Baby turnips , quartered

  10. Pearl onions

  11. Small (marble sized) potatoes

  12. Carrots

  13. Tomatoes , cherry , or regular ones cut up

  14. English peas

  15. Other early spring vegetables

  16. Creme Fraiche

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  1. Salt and pepper the lamb cubes well, then brown them. Use all the right browning techniques: Hot oiled pan, dry the meat with paper towels first, work in batches to not crowd the pan, etc. Brown them first in oil in a skillet, then take them from the oil, dust them in flour, and brown them again in a dutch oven. Get them crusty.

  2. After the browning, add about 4 cups of chicken broth to the dutch oven holding the meat. Add tomato paste, thyme (about half a bunch, garlic and a bay leaf. Cover the dutch oven and put it in an oven at 325 for 3 hours.

  3. Prepare the vegetables about when there's about an hour of oven time left. Mis them to the size and shape you like Then parboil them in salted water. Cook them in sets to get the cooking time right so they come out done but still crisp: roughly 10 minutes for the potatoes and turnips, 5 minutes for the carrots and onions, 2 minutes for peas, etc. This parboiling step is the only real cooking time the vegetables will get, so sample them and get them done the way you want. Set the cooked vegetables aside. ( I didn't cook the tomatoes in this step, but instead just combined them later in the next step)

  4. In the final assembly step you take the meat and broth from the oven, spoon out the meat and set it aside momentarily, and strain the broth. Add a few dollops of creme fraich to the strained broth, re-combine it with the meat and the vegetables (including tomatoes). Heat until everything is heated through, and, check your seasoning and serve.


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