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  1. Cakes Baked in a Bread Machine

  2. 1 box commercial cake mix

  3. Egg, water and oil as called for in the cake directions

  4. Did you know you can bake a cake in your bread machine?

  5. I've tried this with several commercial mixes and it works great.

  6. Follow the normal directions for the ingredients cake, adding the

  7. ingredients to the container. Use the RAPID cycle on the machine

  8. and set it for LIGHT crust. After the 1st mixing you may have to

  9. scrape down the sides of the container.

  10. Then let the machine do its thing. If the cake is not quite finished

  11. baking at the end of the cycle. Simply put it in the oven for a

  12. few minutes.

  13. You can also try reducing the amout of water used by a tablespoon

  14. or two.

  15. I've made gingerbread, an apple sauce cake, and a pound cake this

  16. way.


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