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  1. 2 tbs soursop juice

  2. 2 longans

  3. 4 grapes

  4. 3 pineapple pieces

  5. 4 pieces star fruit

  6. star apple

  7. 1 tbs black sapote

  8. Splash lime

  9. palm sugar

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  1. Cut the soursop in half and scoop out the pulp. Juice the pulp by putting in a strainer and pressing down with the back of a spoon. Set the juice aside. Peel the longans and place in the serving cup along with the grapes. Cut three fresh pineapple wedges and put in the serving cup. Thinly slice the star fruit and add to the cup. Squeeze the center fruit from the star apple into the cup. Scoop the black sapote on to the top of your fruit cup for a terrific colour contrast. Spoon the juice of the soursop into the cup so it runs through all the fruits and add a splash of lime. To finish, crush the palm sugar and sprinkle over the top. For the professional touch, caramelise the palm sugar with a blowtorch


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