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  1. for Raspberry Sugared-vinegar Recipe

  2. 4 quarts of fresh, ripe raspberries

  3. 1 quart of vinegar

  4. 1 pound loaf sugar

  5. 1 kettle of boiling water

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  1. Combine 2 quarts of raspberries and vinegar in a large pot.

  2. Let stand twenty-four hours then strain through a sieve.

  3. Add the other 2 quarts of raspberries and let it stand again for twenty-four hours.

  4. Strain a second time.

  5. Add 1 pound of loaf sugar to every pint of juice. Break up the sugar and let it melt in the liquor.

  6. Put the liquid into a stone jar, cover closely, and put it in a kettle of boiling water which must be kept at a quick boil for one hour.

  7. Skim. When cold, bottle the vinegar for use.

  8. This makes a great summer beverage when poured over cracked ice with a little water.


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