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  2. 3 tb Melted margarine

  3. Filling: 2 containers (15oz)

  4. -Light Ricotta Cheese

  5. 3/4 c Sugar

  6. 1/2 c Half/half

  7. 1/4 c Flour

  8. 1 t Vanilla

  9. 1/4 ts Salt

  10. 3 Eggs

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  1. Crust: 1 1/4 c vanilla wafer crumbsTopping: 2 c assorted fresh fruits( like strawberries,slicedkiwi-peeled/sliced,blueberries,raspberries or blackberries) 1/3 c redcurrant jelly 1 t brandy, optionalLighty grease sides of 8 or 9-inch springform pan. Combine crust ing.; mixwell. Press evenly over bottom of pan. Chill while preparing filling. Inbowl of electric mixer, combine cheese, sugar, half/half,flour and vanillaand salt; blend until smooth. Add eggs one at a time; blend until smooth.

  2. Pour batter over crust. Bake at 350' 1 hr or until center is just set. Turnoff oven; cool in oven with door open for 30 min. Remove to wire rack;

  3. loosen from rim of pan. Cool completely; chill 4 hr. Topping may beprepared up to 3 hr ahead. Arrange fruit in concentric circles attractivelyover surface of cake. Heat jelly with brandy until melted. Brush overfruit; chill 30 min to set glaze. Makes 8 serving


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