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  1. 80 Plus-year-old

  2. 2 Eggs, separated

  3. 3/4c Granulated sugar

  4. 1 qt Milk

  5. 1/4c Saltine crackers, coarsely -broken

  6. 3./4 cup coconut, grated -

  7. 1 ts Vanilla

  8. 3 tb Sugar

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  1. + Directions : Cracker Pudding at mealtime was a pleasurable routine. It is one more way to include saltines in the diet, although their presence is scarcely distinguishable in the finished dessert. Even 75 years ago the Amish of eastern Pennsylvania had access to coconuts. "We would buy a whole one and grate it ourselves," says an Beat egg yolks and sugar together. Pour into saucepan and heat. Gradually add the milk, stirring constantly. Add crackers and coconut and cook until thickened. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into baking dish. Add 3 Tablespoons sugar to egg whites and beat until stiffened. Spread over pudding then brown the meringue under the broiler. Variation: Beat the egg whites until stiff, then fold them into the pudding while it is still hot. Chill and serve.


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