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  1. Rose Hip Jam 4 quarts rose hips with black ends removed

  2. (about 5 pounds)

  3. 3 1/2 cups sugar

  4. water (Wine or sherry)

  5. Gather the rose hips after the first frost. I am not sure why this

  6. is done but I have several sources that say to do it, including my

  7. grandmother, so I wait. Wash the rose hips well in case there is

  8. any insecticide residue. Cover with water and simmer until the hips

  9. are very soft and falling apart. Press through a food mill or colander to remove the seeds and larger particles. Press through

  10. a finer sieve to remove the smaller fibers and seed bits.

  11. Cook the pulp down until it is quite thick. How thick? That is hard

  12. to say. Thicker than heavy cream. I check the measurements at this

  13. point. I add about a pound of sugar for every pound of pulp. The

  14. 3 1/2 cups is my measurement from the last time I made this.

  15. Add the sugar and check the taste. Sometimes I add a bit more

  16. sugar. Rose hips have enough pectin to jell and enough ascorbic

  17. acid to make it a little tart. Cook over high heat until the mixture

  18. has a thick jam-like consistency. Put in jars. Makes 4 half-pint

  19. jars


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