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  1. 4 Onions, chopped (fine or -chunky, your choice)

  2. 4 tb Margarine or butter

  3. 4 c Vegetable broth

  4. 1 c White wine

  5. 2 tb Chopped sage

  6. 2 tb Chopped thyme

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  1. + Directions : From Laurie Jackson, Black Canyon City, AZ. salt and pepper corn bread or corn muffins cheddar cheese Place cornbread in individual serving dishes, and top with cheese. Saute onions in butter. Add the broth and wine; salt and pepper to taste. Simmer about 15 minutes. Add the sage and thyme; simmer 5 minutes more. Pour over the cornbread and cheese. You can personalize this recipe by adding your own ingredients, such as lentils, vegetables, meat, or other herbs, etc.


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