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  1. 1 bundle,

  2. 1 small pumpkin,

  3. 1 big potato,

  4. 1 tablespoon panchphoron,

  5. 1 teaspoon sugar,

  6. 1 big the head of Rohu fish, mustard oil,salt,green chilly, water,turmeric powder.

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  1. At first clean the pui shaak in fresh water and then chopped them in medium size.clean the head of the rohu fish and add salt and turmeric powder and marinate it for 2 mins.cut the pumpkin in small cubes,cut the potatoes in small cubes,cut the green chillies in two haves.Now warm up a pan and add the mustard oil,and now add the head of the rohu fish,fry till it was golden brown,bring up from pan and set again heat the oil and add the panchphoron,when it's spluttering now add the potatoes,pumpkins ans saute them,now add the pui shaak and mix add the head of the rohu fish and break it very well and mix well add the water,salt,turmeric powder and mix well and bring it to add a little pinch of sugar and mix.then again boiled it,when the water is soaked properly and little bit of gravy is there then take out this on the serving with boiled water or khichdi.


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