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  1. 1 rabbit , farmed or 2 wild, jointed into 8 pieces 3 tbsp seasoned flour

  2. 4 onions

  3. 12 cloves garlic

  4. 25 ml olive oil

  5. 25 g butter

  6. 1 bunches thyme

  7. 600 ml still cider , good quality

  8. 2 tbsp wholegrain mustard

  9. 1 tbsp honey

  10. 2 tbsp cream

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  1. Method 1. Coat the rabbit pieces in seasoned flour and set aside.

  2. Roughly slice up the onions and smash up the garlic a little, but do not peel it.

  3. Melt the oil and butter together in a large frying pan and add the rabbit. Leave it to brown really well, then turn over and brown the other side.

  4. Add the onion, garlic and thyme. Cook for 10 minutes, and then add the cider and mustard.

  5. Put the lid on, and simmer for 40 minutes. At the end of this time, there should be very little juice left.

  6. Add the honey, and then the cream, stir and continue cooking for one minute more, until the rabbit is almost falling off the bone.

  7. Serve immediately with sauté potatoes, a green salad and a bottle of good cider.


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