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  1. 2 Table spoons butter

  2. 300g Self raising flour

  3. 200g Fine Corn meal flour

  4. 250g White sugar

  5. 6 Free range eggs

  6. 2 tsp poppy seeds

  7. 1 Lemon

  8. 1 tsp Bicarbonate soda

  9. 2tsp Baking powder Salt

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  1. Pre-heat oven at 200 degrees. Beat egg whites until firm and set to one side. Mix egg yolks with lemon zest, bicarbonate soda, raising flour, baking powder, corn meal flour, sugar, butter and a small pinch of salt. Add egg whites and poppy seeds. Fold gently. Pour mixture into pre-greased cake tin and back for 35 minutes.


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