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  1. Ingredients : Cook´s, I ALMOST called this recipe VOGUED DUCK ´cause when I toted him out to the patio to take a picture for this cookbook, he pretty-much, squatted and POSED for me! Roast Duck never tasted SO GOOD as it does with MY combination of spices and soy sauce BLEND! PLUS, an accompaniment of my SWEET, whole-cherry sauce, spiked with white pepper and loaded with chives, absolutely COMPLETES this delicate, game dish! It´s just a little, something ¨different¨ than, ye ol´, ¨cranberry sauce!¨ YUM! Plan a Sunday, Family Affair like THIS one with your OWN, family, SOON! SIDE CRAFT: LOOK for my little, ¨VOGUEY-BONES CHEF HATS¨ craft (used on chop and leg bones) at the end of this recipe! They´re a BRIGHT way to DRESS UP your entres, just before plating! ºº ºº1, 6 Pound-Whole Duck (Thawed if frozen) FOR THE ¨DUCK BASTE¨: ºº1 Cup-Unsalted Butter (Melted) ºº1 Cup-Soy Sauce ºº1 Tblsp.-Worchestishire Sauce ºº1 Tsp.-Mustard Powder ºº1 Tblsp.-White Pepper (Ground) ºº1 Tblsp.-Lemon Juice ºº FOR THE ¨CHERRY-CHIVE SAUCE¨: ºº1 Can-Whole Cherry Pie Filling ºº1/4 Cup-Fresh Chives (Chopped) ºº1 Tsp.-White Pepper (Ground) ºº1 Tblsp.-Lemon Juice ºº ººStuffing (Cook´s preference) (I use six ounces of stuffing for this entre) ºº6 to 8-Long Green Onions (For Garnish)


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