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  1. 1 cup Frozen Hashbrown Potatoes

  2. 1 tbsp Butter

  3. 1/2 shallot, minced (or small onion)

  4. 1/4 Green Pepper, chopped

  5. 1 Egg

  6. 2 tbsp Bacon Bits Salt and Pepper to taste

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  1. Saute shallots and green pepper in butter in medium skillet over med-high heat. Add hashbrown potatoes. season with salt and pepper. Cook turning once for 7-8 minutes until potatoes are cooked through. Add bacon bits. Stir to throughly mix in. Add egg. Break egg yolk and stir into potatoe mixture. Let sit about a minute, stir again. Once egg is cooked remove from heat and serve.


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