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  1. 2ea- Large Ripe Mangos diced

  2. 1/4"

  3. 1ea- Red Bermuda Onion (Char-Grilled 1/2" slices)

  4. 1ea- Red Bell Pepper

  5. 1/8" diced

  6. 1ea-

  7. 8oz. can Pineapple bits chopped

  8. 1/8" 1/4-cup Fresh Cilantro chopped fine 1/8-cup Fresh Parsley chopped fine (ring out moisture in a cloth)

  9. 1ea- Clove Garlic minced super-fine(almost pureed) 1-TBS Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings 8-TBS Mango Jam 4-TBS Sweet Thai Chili Sauce w/ Garlic 1-TBS Hoisin Sauce

  10. 1ea-Large mixing bowl

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  1. Preparation : This incredibly refreshing and delicious salsa is an awesome topping for a wide variety of dishes from an herb-crusted chicken breast or pork tenderloin, to grilled or smoked jumbo scallops wrapped in bacon (My favorite). It can be served both hot or cold and it has just the faintest hint of heat from the chili sauce for that little extra "kick". Here are a few more ideas to try it on: Baked chicken, grilled chicken, pork chops, Pulled Pork, grilled or broiled Cod, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Redfish, Shrimp, Fish Tacos, Calamari or Tuna salad, Tortilla chips, etc. Your imagination is your only limit. Skin and slice the Bermuda onion into 1/2" slices and lightly season both sides with Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings. Grill them on a super-hot grill until they develop a nice char on both sides. (2-3 minutes on both sides)DON'T BURN THEM! Put in freezer on a flat surface to chill quickly before chopping into 1/8" pieces. While onion is cooling, peel and slice, then dice the mango into 1/4" cubes. Get as close to the center/seed as possible w/o getting the tough stringy stuff in there. Dice The Bell pepper into 1/8" pieces. (Make sure you trim out the with "pithy" center of the pepper, leaving only the reddest part of the pepper to dice. Fine chop the Cilantro and Parsley, squeezing out the extra moisture of the Parsley in a rag or paper towel. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl together. Take onion out of freezer and dice fine, 1/8" also. mix together and enjoy some of the best salsa you have ever tasted! If you need more heat, add a bit more of the Chili sauce or a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper to taste. This is a GREAT tailgating recipe!!


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