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  1. 2rolls Pillsbury sugar cookie dough

  2. 1oz pkg cream cheese

  3. 1 small tub cool whip

  4. 1 small pkg strawberry jello mix

  5. 2C sliced strawberries

  6. 2C fresh pineapple sliced thin

  7. 2C mandarin oranges

  8. 1C sliced green grapes

  9. 2 kiwi sliced

  10. 1pkg heart shaped marshmellows or 1pkg mini-marshmellows chocolate ice cream topping strawberry ice cream

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  1. Roll the sugar cookie dough, round so it will fit on a pizza pan. cover pizza pan w/parchment paper, bake dough as directed. Pizza sauce: mix cream cheese, and jello until well combined, fold in cool whip. Spread on cooled "pizza cookie crust". Spread sauce over crust and layer w/fruit and marshmallows, top with chocolate and strawberry sauce. cut and enjoy!


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