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  1. 2 lb Spinach

  2. 1 ts Salt

  3. 1/4 c Olive oil

  4. 1/4 ts Sugar

  5. 2 Garlic cloves; minced

  6. 2 tb Lemon juice

  7. 5 minutes and only with water that clings to the leaves. Chop spinach coarsely. Heat oil in skillet and add the spinach, sugar and garlic. Reduce heat to simmer and slowly stir greens to coat well with the oil. Sprinkle with lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Cover and cook

  8. 15 minutes. Serve hot. NOTE: If desired, add

  9. 3 T. freshly grated Parmesan cheese the last

  10. 5 minutes and stir continually until cheese is distributed well through the spinach. From: "Clarita's Cocina"


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