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  1. Capsicum 500gm

  2. Onion 200gm

  3. Tomato 100gm.

  4. Garam Masala 6 tsp.

  5. Besan powder 4 tsp.

  6. Red chilli powder ( depends on whether you want spicy or not )

  7. Oil 30gm

  8. Salt to taste.

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  1. Make thin slices of onions.

  2. Cut the capsicum into thin pieces vertically.

  3. Take Oil in a Pan.

  4. Add onions and fry them till they become brown.

  5. Add capsicum pieces and boil them for some time (till they are boiled)

  6. Add garam masala and stir them to mix properly.

  7. Add salt and red chilli powder Take a small bowl of hot water, add besan, stir till it mixes properly.

  8. Add Besan mix and mix it thoroughly.

  9. Boil for 5 minutes


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